Hereford Hornets
Team Page   2019/2020

We are a relatively new club based in Hereford. Training takes place on Sunday mornings in the Hereford leisure centre. We cover training for age groups from U12 to U17.

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Club Information
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Jo Shield

Club Secretary

07971 922875

Phil Mackereth

Team Manager

07970 613193

Catello Landolfi

Club Chairman and Coach

07718 384712

Darryl Hinksman

Safeguarding Officer

07393 011568

Playing Venue

The Hereford Academy
Marlbrook Road

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2019/2020 Teams
Hereford Hornets Home Away
Yellow (w/ black) Black (w/ white)
Game Day Saturday Tip 13:00 League U17 West
Head Coach TBC   /14:00    
Assistant Coach TBC   Playing Venue
Team Manager TBC   Hereford Academy