2023/2024 SEASON


  2023/2024 Season  

The information below has been updated following a consultation meeting with clubs. Additional leagues for certain age groups have been created following this consultation. The Game Regulations booklet is also attached (current version 3.1) - please note this is not the finalised version.

  Mini-YBL - £150.00 per-team plus FREE ENTRY for additional teams* (U11)  
  Under 9
  No Changes - same as previous season.
U9 CVL based on geographical location.

  Under 11 Primis & Zonal - NEW DIVISION

U11 CVL Primis division replaces the normal CVL. U11 Primis is the new name for our U11 CVL's (like last season). Teams progress to play-offs at the end of the season.
U11 CVL Primis U12 JNBL permitted

U11 CVL Zonal has been created for development, participation and enjoyment. With a winner of each CVL . There are no play-offs.
U11 CVL no U12 JNBL permitted.

U11 CVL based on geographical location.

* Pay for one team at £150 and any additional U11 Zonal teams are FREE OF CHARGE.

U11 League has been moved to the mini-season (see 2023 Mini-Season) - this has now become a transitional league.

  Junior-YBL - £230.00 per-team
(£50.00* per-team cup entry)
  Under 13, Under 15 & Under 17

Junior-YBL £230 per-team.

Zonal = geographical location.
Primis = YBL region.

NEW Under 17 Primis division.

Players are not permitted to play Zonal and Primis at the same time.
JNBL conference players are permitted to play in Primis only.

*For just £50.00 you can enter any of your U17s teams into The Challenge Cup.

  Senior-YBL - £230.00/£270.00
(£50.00* per-team cup entry)
  £230 per-team, (£270 for YBL to appoint referees).

Based on the YBL region. Or split depending on entries.

*For just £50.00 you can enter any of your senior teams into The Challenge Cup Men.

  Men3 (U21), Men2, Men1, Women2 & Women1

Senior-YBL (Men & Women) £230 per-team, (£270 for YBL to appoint referees).

*For just £50.00 you can enter any of your senior teams into The Challenge Cup Men or the Women's Cup

No senior NBL players in Women2, & Men2 divisions.
Women1 and Men1 are based on the YBL region.


  Leagues and Competitions 2023/2024 Season - published version  

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  Entry form and deadline  

Registration closes or the 2023/2024 season on
Monday 5 June 2023.
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