School & College Leagues
Welcome to Your Basketball League's new School & College Leagues for 2021/2022 Season

Providing competitions for second and third teams within educational programmes to enhance and develop player's skills and athleticism through competivite games.
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  2021/2022 Season
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  2021/2022 Season

More information and prices can be found inside the S&C Advert.
Teams will play home and away fixtures within a regional or geographical area, depending on the number of teams entering.
Each league format will be decided prior to the commencement of the season (roughly November/October to March/April).

Players that participate within the S or C leagues must attend the school that they represent.

All playing regulations are laid out by FIBA, Basketball England and the YBL respectively.

A pre-season conference (normally on-line) will be hosted by the YBL for each team, school & college to go through procedures, for fixtures, results and rearrangement of fixtures, this will be during the month of September before each season starts.