Table Official Development
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    Pre-Game - General Administration      
  01/01/2019 - YBL Update      
  There are a few sheets without Game Codes on, these can be found on the YBL website.

Obtain Coaches signatures before the game starts when your get their starting five players. Mistakes can be picked up before you tip off.

It is very helpful to the league that the league is written on the scorehseet. For example; 'Under 13 West'. It saves us alot of time when sorting through the several dozen sheets we receive each week.

As the ball has tipped, table officials need to rule out the unused player boxes, in the current format.

In-Game Admin
Some table officials are writing the minute on each entry on the traditional scorehseet. This is not correct. You only need the minute on the first entry for each minute. Like so;

DO NOT sign the scorehseet for your co-officials.

The finish time needs to be entered on all scoresheets. The YBL have their own scoresheets, however, if there is no section printed on the scorehseet for it to be entered, please enter this at the bottom right hand corner of the sheet. All times should be written in the 24 hours clock format.

All boxes that are not used need to be 'lined out': Time-out, team fouls, player fouls, coach, assistant coach, foul boxes, empty official boxes and the protest box if not used.