Under 11 West Midlands Regional Team
Sheffield June 2019
Tournament Information

Tournament Details & Address
All Saints Sports Centre, 95 Norfolk Park Rd, Sheffield. S2 2RU.
Arrivial for the team to be registered is 09:15. Please do not arrive before! Our Group
  North West
Game One (Seeding)   Semi-Finals/Finals Semi-Finals/Finals East 'B'
10:00   13:45 15:15 West Midlands
WM 35 - 50 North West
  WM 48 - 26 Yorkshire WM 48 - 33 East Mids  
Game Two (Seeding)        
WM 48 - 26 East 'B'        

Tournament Playing Rules 2019

Modifications to Official FIBA Mini-Basketball Rules:

  • Each game will be four periods of 6 minutes with a running clock except in the last 2 minutes
  • 4 v 4 will be played
  • A team must be 8 players and no less.
  • Teams who do not field 8 eligible players on the day will be able to participate but will not progress to the semi-final stages of the competition or deemed to be winners in a league format.
  • The team of 8 can only be changed between games to allow extra squad players to play in the tournament. In a final all players can be used but no player can play more than 2 periods in the final.
  • A squad size of at least 10 players is recommended but more players can be included if required.
  • All players in a team must play a full 2 periods of a game (except in the final as above).
  • Teams must play man to man defence. No double team or screens are permitted.
  • Where a team is winning by 15 points or more teams must not play a full court press. Referees should assist the coach in applying this modification.
  • In the event of a player being fouled out or in the case of a substitution through injury the substitute will be a player who has scored the least points in the game.
  • A team foul penalty is applied after 4 team fouls in a period of play
  • Any foul (not in the act of shooting) from that point onwards is penalised with 1 point (i.e. the replacement of the free throw) and also sideline possession.
  • A bonus point is given to a player who scores when fouled.
  • 1 point is awarded to a player in a situation where 2 free throws are normally given, unless it goes in then the basket will score 2 points. Possession is also given to the fouled team from the sideline

Basketball Rules not applied:

  • No timeouts
  • No penalty for a team who does not cause the ball to go into its frontcourt within eight (8) seconds.
  • No rear court violation.
  • No penalty if a team does not attempt a shot for a field goal within twenty-four (24) seconds.
  • There are no free throws..
  • No 3 point shots are awarded.

Basketball Rules that are applied:

  • A player in bounding the ball has five seconds to throw the ball to another player on the court.
  • The 3 second rule can apply at the discretion of the referee.
  • A closely guarded player has 5 seconds to pass, dribble or shoot.
  • A player should leave the game after they have committed five fouls.

Basketball Rules that can be applied if required:

In the spirit of fair play and sportsmanship it is expected that all players and coaches conduct themselves appropriately.

  • Unsportsmanlike, Disqualifying & Technical Fouls all appear in the Mini-Basketball rules but their application should usually be unnecessary.
  • Coaches should prevent unsportsmanlike, disqualifying & technical fouls by supporting the officials in their decisions and controlling the behaviour of the players.
  • Coaches are allowed to substitute a player immediately if he or she demonstrates any inappropriate behaviour.
  • Any deliberate or repeated non-cooperation or non-compliance with the spirit and intent of the game can be considered as a technical foul.
  • The officials can prevent technical fouls by giving warnings or even overlooking minor infractions which are obviously unintentional and have no direct effect upon the game, unless there is repetition of the same infraction after the warning.
  • If after a warning player or coach is still unreasonable in their behaviour especially to the officials then the punishment of a technical foul with 2 points and possession awarded to the opposition can be given.

Spectators & Parents

  • We expect fairplay from everybody involved with the Tournament. The organisers can ask any person exhibiting inappropriate behaviour to leave the facility and not return until the tournament is over.