History of the YBL
since 2014

After a meeting with clubs from around the region, it was agreed that there was not enough opportunities of Basketball for players at junior level to play 'ball, unless it was for National League. So we decided to do something about it!

In May of 2014, the YBL was formed, officially known as the Youth Basketball League. The YBL's main purpose is to offer youth basketball to everyone and spread the game far and wide. The YBL offers competitive Basketball to different age groups within a league structure. The first season of the newly formed YBL was the 2014/2015 season.

With a committee set up of volunteers from clubs at the meeting, in which we set in motion a chain of events that would change the shape of Basketball within the region.  These volunteers used their passion and vision to shape the game into a new direction, giving more opportunities to those who love to play the game. 

The 2014/2015 YBL season offered Under 12, Under 14, Under 16 and Under 19 leagues accumulating in the first YBL Championship Finals held at UCB Perry Barr (Birmingham) in June of 2015.

For the 2015/2016 season, the YBL committee decided to expand on the previous season and go with a slightly different format; offering Under 11, Under 13, Under 15, Under 17 and Under 19s. The YBL then held a weekend of the YBL Championships, calling it 'The Big Weekend' at the Wellbeing Centre (Nechells), Birmingham in the May of 2016.

The 2016/2017 season was another success for the YBL, with an increase on team participation in most age groups, as well as new clubs joining an ever expanding YBL family.  The Big Weekend 2 was a monumental end to the season; with a superb Semi-Final and Final.

Going from strength to strength and looking forward into the fourth season, the YBL have made two more steps into the right direction.  The first; adding two more leagues for the 2017/2018 season: Under 15 Girls and the WM/YBL (West Midlands/Youth Basketball League) Development League, which has already seen great interest.  The second has been making the YBL into a non-profit organisation.  The YBL, going forward will be called; Youth Basketball League C.I.C (Community Interest Company), but to its close friends and clubs; we’re still the YBL!

With our ever expanding family; the YBL is looking for another year of great basketball.



YBL Championship Winners 2018
Under 11   City of Birmingham Rockets
Under 13   City of Birmingham Rockets
U13 LTG Cup   City of Birmingham Rockets
Under 14 YBL School   George Salter Academy (Sandwell)
Under 15   Frankley Falcons
U15 LTG Cup   Frankley Falcons
Under 16 YBL School   George Salter Academy
Under 17   Redditch Royals
U17 WMFS Trophy   West Brom Basketball
Under 19 YBL School   George Salter Academy
Under 19   WBA D-Squad
U19 WMFS Trophy   WBA D-Squad
Development Women   Bromsgrove Bears
Development Men   Walsall 99ers
Premier League Women   Lasers
Ladies Handicap   Lasers
Ladies Cup 2018   Lasers
YBL Young Referee of the Year 2018
Ollie Wright
YBL Young Table Official of the Year 2018
Taya Fellows
YBL Senior Referee of the Year 2018
Kevin Henry
YBL Table Official of the Year 2018
Emma Owen
YBL Recognition for Services to Club and YBL 2018
James Robinson
YBL Directors' Young Adult Special Recognition Award
Sean Poole
YBL Championship Winners 2017
Under 11   City of Birmingham
Under 13   Leicester Riders
Under 15   Redditch Rockets
Under 17   West Brom Basketball
Under 19   SCA D-Squad (Sporting Club Albion)
YBL Chairperson Young Adult Special Recognition Award
'Ziggy' Cameron
YBL Recognition Award for Services to Club and YBL
Steve Harris
YBL League Winners 2016/2017
Under 11   City of Birmingham
Under 13 North   Leicester Riders
Under 13 South   Frankley Falcons
Under 15 North   West Brom Basketball
Under 15 South   Redditch Raptors
Under 17 North   Yardley Defenders
Under 17 South   West Brom Basketball
Under 19 North   WBA D-Squad
Under 19 South   Bromsgrove Blaze
YBL Championship Winners 2016
Under 11   City of Birmingham A
Under 13   Bromsgrove Bears
Under 15   Frankley Falcons
Under 17   West Bromwich
Under 19   Bromsgrove Blaze
YBL Chairperson Young Adult Special Recognition Award
Nick Gibbs
YBL League Winners 2015/2016
Under 11   City of Birmingham A
Under 13   Worcester Wolves
Under 15 North   Coventry Tornadoes
Under 15 South   Redditch Rockets
Under 17 North   Coventry Tornadoes
Under 17 South   Frankley Falcons
Under 19   Bromsgrove Blaze
YBL Championship Winners 2015
Under 12   City of Birmingham
Under 14   Redditch Basketball
Under 16   City of Birmingham
Under 19   Bromsgrove Blaze
YBL League Winners 2014/2015
Under 12 North   Coventry Tornadoes A
Under 12 South   City of Birmingham
Under 14 North   Coventry Tornadoes
Under 14 South   Redditch Basketball Club
Under 16 North   City of Birmingham
Under 16 South   Redditch Basketball Club
Under 19   Bromsgrove Blaze

YBL Championships and Cup/Trophy Finals 2018

Saturday 19 May 2018
Code Tip League Left of the table...   Right of the table...
E123 09:30 U11 Coventry Tornadoes 31 - 51 CoB Rockets
T58 09:30 U13 CoB Rockets 66 - 35 Warwickshire Hawks
DW17 11:30 DevWomen Bromsgrove Bears 48 - 25 Wolverhampton Uni
F63 11:30 U15 West Brom 35 - 44 Frankley Falcons
S87 13:30 U17 Redditch Royals 66 - 64 Bournville Bears
PW47 13:30 PremWomen Lasers 68 - 41 Redditch Regals
WM47 15:30 DevMen Bromsgrove Blaze 64 - 75 Walsall 99ers
N33 15:30 U19 WBA D-Squad 58 - 61 Bromsgrove Bears

Championship Semi-Finals

Great to see everyone out in force today, with ten teams with their coaches and supporters coming to battle for a spot in the Championship Finals.  Everyone had a spectacular day with some great games, the supporters adding to the already great ambiance that the teams were giving out.  

The Under 11s kicked of the day with two very difference games, with City of Birmingham Rockers taking on Coventry Tornadoes 2 and Bromsgrove Bears taking on Coventry Tornadoes. CoB Rockets pushed hard from the start to secure their place in the Finals, beating second place U11 South team Tornadoes 2 with an impressive win. However, it was the other game that had peoples’ eyes glued, as the one-point game drew the most excitement from parents and spectators alike.  Right down to the last few seconds, both sides were giving it their all.  But it was Coventry Tornadoes who secured their place in the Final after the one-point win over Bromsgrove Bears.  Coventry Tornadoes now take on CoB Rockets in the Finals.

After a slight delay, the U13 teams got to the court, with CoB Rockets taking on last year’s U13 Champions; Leicester Riders.  CoB Rockets guaranteed their spot by getting the impressive win over Leicester. Rockets’ take on underdogs Warwickshire Hawks, as they beat Leadonites in a nine-point game, coming from behind just after the start of the third quarter. 

Under 15s got the nail-biting awards for the most exciting games of the day as both Semi-Finals games were tremendously close and hard fought for! West Brom and Bournville Bears battled in the first half, with a close point for point game, however, West Brom were triumphant with a thirteen-point win.  Bournville fighting until the end. Frankley Falcons secured their place after a six-point win over WBA D-Squad.  Mirroring the other U15’s game, the fight never stopped. 

Newcomers Coventry Sky Blue took on Bournville Bears after their debut season in the YBL and showed they deserved to be there as they gave Bournville Bears a run for their money, in the first of the U17 Semi-Finals. Sky Blue continued to put the pressure on Bournville.  However, the close-knit Bears’ side proved victorious as they secured their spot beating Sky Blue by twenty-three points by the time the final buzzer sounded.   The second U17 game took spectators anxiety to another level as the two-point basket-for-basket game saw West Brom and Redditch Royals battle right until the last shot.  With Redditch securing their place in the final against Bournville Bears.

We finished off the day with the Under 19s teams’ Semi-Finals where WBA D-Squad played Nuneaton Predators.  The strong WBA team secured their win over Nuneaton, with Nuneaton never giving up until the end.  Yardley Defenders played Bromsgrove Bears in a close first half game.  Bromsgrove slowing taking the lead in the second half and securing their win.  Bromsgrove take on WBA D-Squad in the finals in three weeks time.

All the teams made their coaches proud today with a great display of team work and determination. A big thank you to the teams, the players and their spectators for contributing to the great atmosphere throughout the day. A great day had by all.

A special thank you to the YBL Committee for giving up their time today and contributing to another successful YBL event.

See you all at the Cup or Championship Finals.

Saturday 28 April 2018
Code Tip League Court Left of the table...   Right of the table...  
E121 09:15 U11 1 Coventry Tornadoes 29 - 28 CoB Rockets  
E122 09:15 U11 2 CoB Rockets 47 - 12 Coventry Tornadoes 2  
T56 10:00 U13 1 CoB Rockets 74 - 24 Leicester Riders  
T57 10:00 U13 2 Leadonites 42 - 51 Warwickshire Hawks  
F61 12:00 U15 1 West Brom 64 - 51 Bournville Bears  
F62 12:00 U15 2 Frankley Falcons 59 - 53 WBA D-Squad  
S85 14:00 U17 1 Coventry Sky Blue 57 - 80 Bournville Bears  
S86 14:00 U17 2 Redditch Royals 88 - 86 West Brom  
N31 16:00 U19 1 WBA D-Squad 91 - 28 Nuneaton Predators  
N32 16:00 U19 2 Yardley Defenders 63 - 83 Bromsgrove Bears  

YBL: Championships Finals 2017 Results
(Saturday 20 May)
  Code Court Leag. Home Team Score Visiting Team Umpire 1 Umpire 2 Table Table Table
Sheet Y33 1 U11 City of Birmingham 66 - 24 Bournville Bears N Gibbs   J Owen D Kearney  
Sheet G01 2 U14G City of Birmingham 78 - 10 YBL Girls Select J Harris   P Robinson M Ryan C Jones
Sheet B37 1 U13 Leicester Riders 76 - 45 Frankley Falcons J Hempenstall   J Kinch K Seleshe  
Sheet L47 1 U15 West Brom Basketball 48 - 59 Redditch Raptors J Hempenstall   EJ Gardner E Owen  
  S1 2 YBL Sch Coventry School All-Stars 77 - 23 Perryfields All-Stars Ivan Fabo   K Seleshe J Kinch J Owen
Sheet J57 1 U17 West Brom Basketball 65 - 44 Redditch Royals P Broughton R Francis M Ryan EJ Gardner D Kearney
Sheet A39 1 U19 WBA D-Squad 56 - 54 Bromsgrove Blaze P Broughton R Francis D Kearney P Robinson EJ Gardner
YBL: Championships Semi-Finals 2017 Results
(Saturday 6 May)
  Code Court Leag. Home Team Score Visiting Team Umpire 1 Umpire 2 Table Table Table
Sheet Y31 1 U11 City of Birmingham 70 - 20 Yardley Defenders J Harris   C Jones K Seleshe  
Sheet Y32 2 U11 Bournville Bears 43 - 42 Coventry Tornadoes N Gibbs   J Kinch C Gibbs  
Sheet B37 1 U13 Leicester Riders 70 - 69 City of Birmingham N Gibbs   K Seleshe C Jones  
Sheet B38 2 U13 Coventry Tornadoes White 44 - 46 Frankley Falcons P. Virgo   J Kinch M Ryan  
Sheet L46 2 U15 Worcester Wolves 48 - 58 Redditch Raptors K. Henry   J Owen E Owen  
Sheet J55 1 U17 Frankley Falcons 62 - 63 West Brom Basketball R Francis   C Jones K Seleshe S Nye
Sheet J56 2 U17 Yardley Defenders 48 - 54 Redditch Royals P Broughton   M Ryan E Owen J Owen
Sheet A37 1 U19 WBA D-Squad 81 - 30 West Brom Basketball P Broughton   S Nye K Seleshe D Kearney
Sheet A38 2 U19 Coventry Trojans 39 - 60 Bromsgrove Blaze K Henry   E Owen J Owen M Ryan
Friday 12 May 2017                    
Sheet L45   U15 West Brom Basketball 64 - 61 Coventry Tornadoes K Henry   EJ Gardner K Cohen  
YBL: Championships Quarter-Finals 2017 Results (April)
  Code Court Leag. Home Team Score Visiting Team          
  B33   U13 Leicester Riders 20 - 00 Redditch Rockets          
  B34   U13 Bournville Bears 32 - 57 Coventry Tornadoes White          
  B35   U13 City of Birmingham 99 - 27 Worcester Wolves          
  B36   U13 Frankley Falcons 53 - 39 Coventry Tornadoes Blue          
  L41   U15 West Brom Basketball 67 - 39 Bournville Bears          
  L42   U15 Worcester Wolves 73 - 55 City of Birmingham          
  L43   U15 Coventry Tornadoes 60 - 57 Frankley Falcons          
  L44   U15 Redditch Raptors 20 - 00 Yardley Defenders          
  J51   U17 Yardley Defenders 68 - 44 WBA D-Squad          
  J52   U17 Frankley Falcons 95 - 40 Coventry Tornadoes          
  J53   U17 Redditch Royals 56 - 47 Bromsgrove Bears          
  J54   U17 West Brom Basketball 79 - 50 City of Birmingham          
  A33   U19 WBA D-Squad 20 - 00 Birmingham Mets          
  A34   U19 City of Birmingham 40 - 51 Coventry Trojans          
  A35   U19 West Brom Basketball 20 - 00 Bournville Bears          
  A36   U19 Bromsgrove Blaze 60 - 54 Yardley Defenders          

YBL Championships 2016

Sunday 15 May 2016 Championship Finals 2016
  Leag. Tip Home Team Score Visiting Team Referee Umpire Table Table Table
Details U11 09:15 City of Birmingham A 46 - 26 Coventry Tornadoes N. Gibbs L. Atkins A. Livadiotis P. Robinson  
Details U13 10:30 Bromsgrove Bears 54 - 37 Worcester Wolves R. Francis L. Atkins P. Robinson E. Gardner  
Details U15 12:15 Frankley Falcons 50 - 48 Yardley Defenders P. Virgo R. Francis A. Livadiotis C. Jones  
Details U17 14:15 Coventry Tornadoes 52 - 70 West Bromwich J. Miller J. Hodgson E. Gardner A. Livadiotis C. Jones
Details U19 16:15 Bromsgrove Blaze 77 - 70 West Bromwich J. Hodgson R. Lavella C. Jones E. Gardner P. Adams
Saturday 14 May 2016 Championship Semi-Finals 2016
Sheet Court Leag. Tip Home Team Score Visiting Team Referee Umpire Table Table Table
Sheet One U11 09:15 City of Birmingham A 75 - 13 Redditch Rockets J. Miller P. Adams E. Gardner D. Kearney  
Sheet Two U11 09:15 Worcester Bears 35 - 37 Coventry Tornadoes N. Gibbs R Francis P. Robinson A. Livadiotis  
Sheet One U13 10:30 Worcester Wolves 57 - 45 Bournville Bears P. Virgo R. Lavella P. Robinson D. Kearney  
Sheet Two U13 10:30 Bromsgrove Bears 53 - 42 City of Birmingham J. Hodgson L. Atkins E. Owen E. Gardner  
Sheet One U15 12:15 Coventry Tornadoes 56 - 63 Yardley Defenders L. Atkins Lee Atkins C. Jones E. Owen  
Sheet Two U15 12:15 Frankley Falcons 52 - 48 Redditch Rockets R.Francis J. Miller A. Livadiotis E. Gardner  
Sheet One U17 14:15 Coventry Tornadoes 45 - 40 Coventry Trojans J. Hodgson J. Miller C. Jones D. Kearney E. Owen
Sheet Two U17 14:15 Frankley Falcons 44 - 65 West Bromwich R. Lavella P. Virgo E. Gardner A. Livadiotis K. Seleshe
Sheet One U19 16:15 Bromsgrove Blaze 62 - 60 Bromsgrove Bears J. Hodgson R. Francis D. Kearney C. Jones K. Seleshe
Sheet Two U19 16:15 West Bromwich 70 - 52 Sporting Club Albion P. Virgo R. Lavella E. Gardner J. Robinson P. Adams
Under 17 Championship Quarter-Finals 2016
  Leag. Played Home Team Score Visiting Team          
Sheet U17 23 APR Coventry Tornadoes 95 - 30 Redditch Rockets          
Sheet U17 23 APR Frankley Falcons 75 - 44 Team Nuneaton          
Sheet U17 22 APR West Bromwich 66 - 58 Yardley Defenders          
Sheet U17 29 APR Coventry Trojans 73 - 44 City of Birmingham          
Under 15 Championship Quarter-Finals 2016
  Leag. Played Home Team Score Visiting Team          
Forfiet U15 30 APR Coventry Tornadoes 20 - 00 Bournville Bears          
Sheet U15 30 APR Redditch Rockets 84 - 22 Cov Tornadoes Ladies          
Sheet U15 30 APR Frankley Falcons 72 - 70 West Bromwich          
Sheet U15 1 MAY Yardley Defenders 49   44 City of Birmingham          

Some great Basketball played!
Tuesday 24 May 2016

The memories of the The Big Weekend are slowly fading into Basketball history, as teams battled it out in the second YBL Championship Semi-Finals and Finals.  Clubs and their players are still talking about the excitement of the games and the atmosphere of the weekend.  “Very well organised,” quoted one parent from Worcester Wolves.  “It’s a pleasure to be here,” one coach commented.  Spectators and coaches alike were just as excited as their players to be a part of the YBL Championship Semi-Finals and Finals: The Big Weekend. 

The Semi-Finals kicked off with the youngest of the YBL teams with two very well drilled teams.  Over on Court 1 we saw the U11 League Winners City of Birmingham A take on newly formed Redditch Rockets.  The game flowed nicely for the first few minutes, until CoB took the lead and kept it for the reminder of the game.  CoB A 75 – 13 Redditch Rockets. 

On Court 2 we saw Worcester Bears and Coventry Tornadoes battle it out for a Final spot.  A close and exciting game for all watching. Coventry Tornadoes just got the win (37-35) over a strong Worcester Bears.

The Under 13s were next up and most people were more excited to see this age group as all throughout the season the teams were not as clear cut as to who was going to win.  Teams were jumping all over each other in the table as they played decent and not so decent games during league games. League Winners Worcester Wolves took on Bournville Bears in the Semi-Finals which saw the Wolves U13 secure their Finals spot with a 57 - 45 win over Bournville Bears. Bromsgrove Bears took on City of Birmingham U13s on the other court in another gripping game.  CoB wasn’t as successful as their U11 counterparts as Bromsgrove Bears took home the win! 53-42.   Newcomers Frankley Falcons took on the strong Redditch Rockets in their Semi-Final game bringing with them a troupe of cheerleaders!  It was a close game with Falcons getting the 52 – 48 win over the Rockets.

Coventry Tornadoes took on their closest rivals Coventry Trojans in the first derby the day in the Under 17 Semi-Finals.  In a close quartered game Tornadoes took the win to secure their place over Trojans (45-40) in the Final.   Frankley Falcons U17s unfortunately lost their Semi-Final game to West Bromwich 44-65. Both games giving the players some superb game time and experience in high octane games.

Ending a great day, the Under 19’s semifinalists were up.  Both derby games, the first, on Court 1 saw second time U19 League Winners Bromsgrove Blaze take on Bromsgrove Bears.  A tight, nail biting and tense game on both sides as it was basket for basket.  Blaze got that extra basket as they beat Bears 62-60 to secure their place in the Finals.  Over on Court 2 we saw West Bromwich Basketball Club take on new comers to the YBL, Sporting Club Albion. Another great and intense game. The well drilled teams continue to battle for the win as were basket for basket until the end of the first half.  It was the second half that West Bromwich took the lead and beat the good Sporting Club Albion 70-52.

The first half of The Big Weekend complete, with tired and excited players and coaches and a few disappointed ones.  It was time to rest before the big day they had ahead of them.

The second early start for all came around quickly as the Sunday started with the Under 11 Finals which saw City of Birmingham A take on Coventry Tornadoes.  The strong CoB team dominated the game from the outset and continued their winning streak throughout the game.  Defeating the Coventry team 46-26.

Bromsgrove Bears took on Worcester Wolves in the U13 Finals.  Both dominate teams press and played some decent defense, however it was the Bears’ team work that got them to victory as they beat the U13 League Winner Worcester Wolves 54-37. 

The game of the weekend must have been the U15s final between Frankley Falcons and Yardley Defenders.  Nail biting and tense does not do the game justice.  As both teams were there to gain the U15 title and they were both going down fighting to make sure they got it.  Basket for basket for most of the game, it wasn’t until the fourth quarter and the final few minutes that the skill from both teams continued to shine.  Both Yardley and Frankley had the crowd on their feet as basket after basket was hitting the net.  But it came down to the last few seconds when both teams were equal and the buzzer beater basket was played by a Falcons player.  Frankley beat Yardley by two on the final buzzer 50-48.  Where is Sky Sports when you need them?

Coventry Tornadoes’ second team in the final came when they took on West Bromwich in the Under 17 Finals.  After a slow start both teams got the momentum they needed to score some points.  However, it was West Bromwich who took the lead early in the third and kept it until the final buzzer.  West Bromwich beating Coventry Tornadoes U17s 70 to 52.

The YBL Championships The Big Weekend came to a close with the Under 19s final where we saw Bromsgrove Blaze, already holding last season U19 Championship Title, take on West Bromwich.  In a close quartered game, both teams played superbly throughout a tough game.  When it came down to the final minutes it was Blaze who took baskets and defending theirs from West Bromwich.  Blaze won 77-70.

It was a great weekend for all and I hope that everyone who took part enjoyed themselves?  Congratulations to the winning teams and their coaches. 

I would like to congratulate Nick Gibbs for receiving the first ever YBL Chairperson Young Adult Special Recognition Award 2016 for services to Basketball at a young age. Not only does Nick play for two YBL clubs in different age groups, he has also branched out into the field of refereeing. Reports from clubs and officials throughout the region have been genuinely positive and encouraging.  It's nice to see a player grow. Not only is he a full time 'baller and referee, but Nick is studying for his GCSEs.  Well done Nick for all your hard work and good luck in your exams!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank several people for their continued support of the YBL and the YBL Finals.  Firstly, the YBL Committee who alongside myself have put a lot of work into making the league and The Big Weekend such a huge success. Their continued support and their hard work makes all this possible.   Thank you to Roy Francis and Alexandra Livadiotis for organising the referees and table officials, respectively, on the day.  Without their help the day wouldn’t have run as smoothly as it did.  Also to the many referees and table officials themselves, who gave up their time and officiated in some of the best Basketball games in the region! Finally, thanks to Cole for his help as a runner for the two days.
James Davies.

Every person with whom the YBL Committee spoke to spoke highly of their opponents and the games in which they played.  A big shout out to all the spectators who came to support their teams.  The comments from parents and clubs do make a difference.  Liam Sheridan from West Bromwich wrote: “Hi James, Just wanted to say a massive thank you to you and the rest of your YBL staff for putting on a great finals weekend.  All players and supporters from our club had a great weekend and I was very impressed with how smoothly and well organised such a big event was ran, a credit to you, your hard work and organisation.  Thanks again for making this a great two seasons for us in the YBL and we look forward to doing it all again next season. Thanks, from everyone at West Brom Basketball Club Liam.”

We estimated that over the two days there must have been around a thousand people.  A first for this level of Basketball.

It shows that with all the clubs around the region, all the coaches, the volunteers, the parents and the players.  We all come together for something that we love.  Basketball.  The region, including teams from the West Midlands, Coventry and Warwickshire, Shropshire and Hereford and Worcester have excellent talent.  This was clearly shown in the YBL Finals.

While some players and their families are winding down for the Summer break, the YBL Committee and clubs are getting ready for another season of Basketball, which is only a few months away now. We are already accepting club and team applications!

You can see all of the highlights of The Big Weekend and all of the information you’ll need for the upcoming season on our website.

Until next time everyone!

 A very happy Chairperson.

James Davies
Youth Basketball League (YBL)  Chairperson

YBL Championships 2015:
Great Success for First YBL Championship Finals

The first YBL Championships Finals games took place on at The Doug Ellis Sports Centre in Perry Barr, with great success.

All the teams that attended gave their parents and their teams’ spectators some entertaining basketball. There was a great atmosphere throughout the day with a lot of fun had by all.

The first game, our Under 12s, started the day off with a bang.  City of Birmingham took home the first YBL U12’s win, 50-12, against their opponent Tornadoes Basketball.

It was the second game of the day that really started to get the spectators going with a very close game (the closest of the finals). Tornadoes narrowly missing out to Redditch’s Under 14 squad by four points.  Despite having the lead for most of the game.  Redditch won 45-41.

City of Birmingham took on Redditch Basketball in the U16 clash. With CoB taking the lead, and keeping it near the end of the first quarter.  CoB won 104 to 37.

The final game of the YBL Finals saw close derby rivals, Bromsgrove Blaze take on Redditch Basketball in a gripping finish to the day.  Holding ground for both teams until half time, with only a six point gap between the two teams.  The second half saw Blaze slowly take that gap bigger, at one point with a twenty two point difference.  Redditch slowly brought that gap down. Bromsgrove Blaze won 73-60.

It’s been a great first season for the YBL and that has shone through today in the YBL Championship Finals. A big thank you to all of the referees and table officials who took part today, Roy Francis and Alexandra Livadiotis who over saw the officials. Plus a big shout out to the YBL Committee for orgainising the event.


Enjoy your ‘off’ season and we’ll see you all in September.


Championship Semi-Finals 2015
Under 12s
Y46     Tornadoes Basketball A 20 - 00 Bournville Bears CV1 5RY
Y47 Saturday 23rd May 14:20 City of Birmingham 58 - 11 Tornadoes Basketball B B7 4QR
Under 14s
B49     Tornadoes Basketball 20 - 00 Bournville Bears CV1 5RY
B50 Saturday 16th May 11:00 Redditch Basketball 79 - 56 West Bromwich BC B98 0EN
Under 16s
L61 Saturday 16th May 12:20 City of Birmingham 134 - 26 Bournville Bears A  
L62 Saturday 30th May 10:45 Redditch Basketabll 61 - 60 Tornadoes Basketball B98 0EN
Under 19s
A31 Saturday 16th May 14:15 Bromsgrove Blaze 77 - 30 Yardley Basketball B60 2JS
A32 Saturday 23rd May 10:00 Redditch Basketball 92 - 40 City of Birmingham B98 0EN
Championship Finals 2015
Sunday 7th June 2015
Under 12s YBL Finals
Y48 Sun 7 June 2015 09:45 Tornadoes A Basketball 12 - 52 City of Birmingham  
Under 14s YBL Finals
B51 Sun 7 June 2015 11:30 Tornadoes Basketball 41 - 45 Redditch Basketball  
Under 16s YBL Finals
L63 Sun 7 June 2015 13:30 City of Birmingham 104 - 37 Redditch Basketball  
Under 19s YBL Finals
A33 Sun 7 June 2015 15:30 Bromsgrove Blaze 73 - 60 Redditch Basketball