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Online Form   Submit a Result
Game Form
Online Form   Online Game Form | Rearrangements and Forfeit of Fixture
Register with the YBL
Online Form   Register with the YBL | Individual Player, Coach or Official

for Clubs

Player, Coach & Club Officials Registration Form 2020/2021 Season
02/09/2020 Excel YBL Registrations 2020
Register as a Player or Coach (Individual Entry)
Online Form   Register as a player or coach
Transfer of Player (2020/2021)
Online Form   Internal and External Transfer of Player
League Rules 2020
10/09/2020 PDF League Rules (v3.1 - 10 September 2020)
Match Report from Clubs
27/03/2020 Word Match Report from Clubs
League Entry Form 2020/2021
26/03/2020 Word League Entry Form for 2020/2021 Season

Receipts and Scoresheets

Traditional Scoresheet 2020 (official YBL Scoresheet)
27/03/2020 PDF Traditional YBL Scoresheet | For use in all YBL Games
YBL CVL Scoresheet 2020
27/03/2020 PDF YBL Scorehseet for CVL | For use in YBL events
Game Receipts | Single Game
26/03/2020 PDF Individual Game Receipt (A4)
Game Receipt | x3 Game
26/03/2020 PDF x3 Game Receipt (A4)

YBL Documents

Club Grading Criteria
12/06/2020 PDF Club Grading Criteria (June 2020)
Fixtures Calendar (working document)
24/05/2020 PDF Fixtures Calendar 2020/2021 (working document)


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